Damien, Elysabeth, and Shawn

Exalted Bloodlines

Follow Elysabeth Essylte Adamo and Damien Draconis Morsus as they find each other and fall in love despite their differences.

Their relationship allows them to unlock their true potentials, and leads them to their fate.

They uncover secrets long hidden, reveal unbelievable aspects of history, and bring about change previously thought impossible.

With the help of friends and their extended families, they overcome obstacles, make life altering decisions, and try to settle into a comfortable domestic life.

Read on to find out more about the books. But make sure you've read each book in the series before revealing information about the next, or you'll be in for some spoilers.

The Most Special Chosen of All

Cover of The Most Special Chosen of All Meet Elysabeth, an ordinary college student who has a secret obsession, and Shawn, her best friend of eight years who has learned to manage Elysabeth's...less awesome characteristics. Graduation is six short months away, then it's time to join the working world.

Enter Damien: dark, mysterious, gorgeous, and, according to Shawn, dangerous. Elysabeth and Damien are drawn to each other instantly, but Shawn, positive that Damien is hiding something, is desperate to keep them apart.

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Demigoddess of the Stars

Writing in Progress

Join Elysabeth as she learns what exactly it means to be a Chosen, Crown Princess, and demigoddess and tests the limits of her abilities and her new family's patience. She better learn the ins and outs of her new culture, as Selene's Grand Coming Out is just a couple months away, and trouble is brewing.

Thank You!

Kyle McGill for your excellent renderings of my main characters.

Samantha Rich for editing The Most Special Chosen of All.

Greg Dorazio for copyediting The Most Special Chosen of All.

Jessica Craney for helping me brainstorm on designs

This series wouldn't be where it is today without the help you provided.